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BLACK AIR PARAPENTE is a paragliding school settled in Saint Leu, a town located on the west coast of Reunion Island - the right place as long as paragliding is concerned.

With an average 300 flying days a year, the site is well known for its fair weather conditions and its amazing landscapes ! Allow yourself to be delighted by another vision of "l’île intense", thanks to our school opened 7 days a week all year long.

Make your wish come true, from a quiet discovery to a great stunt flying sensation, one of the school specialities ! From tandem flight to training, you will be taught by a team of qualified professionals who will be glad to make you discover the Reunion sky.


A tandem flight will take you from the primary forest in the uppest areas of the Island to the coral barrier. The "pailles-en-queue", these playful birds, symbol of the Island, will be flying with you as far as above the ocean. Once there, if you’re lucky enough, you will be able to see turtles, skates, dolphins, or even whales which, according to the season, come to visit us very often ! Take it easy, and enjoy the show as you are sitting comfortably, you are flying !

> The Usual Ones of Saint Leu.

• The 800 metres : 90 €, the lagoon from the sky (from 15 to 20 minutes flying)
• The 800 metres PLUS : 110 €, twice as long (from 30 to 40 minutes)
• The 1500 metres : 130 €, early morning requested.

> The Special Ones

• The childish’ : 80 € (for children Under 12)
• Sunset : 110 €, the gentleness of a Sunset. > Tops
• Dos d'Ane : 250 €, landing Rivière des Galets
• Les Makes : 250 € flying over the "Makes plain"
• Le Dimitile : 250 € , south cliff of Cilaos
• Le Maïdo : 290 €, flying over Mafate
• Le Piton des Neiges : 530 €, the price of sweat ! (accommodation and meals included, take off from 3070 m, the island roof !)

-0 euros and pictures offered for online bookings

-0 euros for students and groups (+4 people)

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